3 Rules for Luxury Car Chauffeurs

The Thing About Luxury

Even with hundreds of luxury car brands and models, the true essence of luxury transportation isn’t about the cars, options, or customizations at all—it’s about the people, the service, and how they play a part in your experience.

A good chauffeur will open the door for you and greet you kindly, but great chauffeurs are driven to enhance every aspect of the ride. They are the key component to taking events to the next level.

It's all about the ride.

It’s all about the ride.

Going Big in New Orleans

In the Big Easy, we go big and go home eventually. So naturally we choose all sorts of luxury rides for the most special occasions—Birthday Limos, Anniversary Black Cars, and the Wedding Trolleys. There is a car for any event, and there is a chauffeur who makes that ride a memory.

Here are some ways a great chauffeur takes a simple route and turns into the ultimate experience.

How to Make a Luxury Ride

Keep it Clean

When you have clean transportation, the client cat sit back comfortably. Chauffeurs who take care of their fleet ensure longer lasting cars and happier clients who feel taken care of.

Things to consider:

  • A Fresh Wash and Detail
  • Regular Interior Maintenance

Other Ways to Keep it Clean: Providing Honest Services, Reliable Customer Service, and Fair Pricing. 

Keep it Cool

In New Orleans, it’s important to have air conditioning, but having a true luxury vehicle is about more than that. It’s all about the gadgets that help you with the drive, and the little “extras” you give to your clients.

Things to consider:

  • GPS Navigation and Tracking
  • Leather Interior
  • Refreshments

Other Ways to Keep it Cool: Explaining Luxury Features, and Remembering Names.

Keep it Smooth

Smooth rides are the best, and the best way to ensure that a luxury ride is always a good one is through regular maintenance to the car itself.

Things to consider:

  • Checking Fluids and Oil
  • Checking Taillights and Breaks

Other Ways to Keep it Smooth: Knowledge of All Shortcuts and Parking, Immediate Response to Problems, and Be Willing to Go the Extra Mile.