NOWFE: The New Orleans Dining Experience

Wine, Dine and All Things Divine

Magic is the feeling that warms your heart like a good wine and leaves goosebumps like champagne bubbles. It’s the indulgence of a great meal, one that satisfies your every wish. The meals that drive you to further that feeling of luxury.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The sun is crisp, the breeze is warm and the streets of New Orleans are lit with the every-day festival that is the New Orleans dining experience. Date nights aren’t complete without a drive around the city, taking in the sights and indulging in what gives the Big Easy its name: that familiarity, that feeling of home and a wonderful meal. The whole shebang.

What is the Best New Orleans Dining Experience?

Quite arguably, the best experience to be had in New Orleans is one that you create yourself. As a city holding one of the biggest selections of culture, cuisine, music and art, New Orleans only has the very world to offer her guests. You can dive into the lesser known streets and dance the night away on Frenchman, you can party it up and forget your worries on Bourbon, you can find a private nook under the oak trees in the Garden District and the list goes on.

To us, sharing a meal, a glass of spirits and the best wishes you have is the ideal—it’s the dream.

How better to celebrate the magic of New Orleans than to dine with your fellow dining enthusiasts?

Wine New Orleans

The New Orleans Wine and Food Experience

This coming Wednesday May 21, 2014 marks the 22nd year of the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience—a burst of culinary excellence that has continuously attracted over 10,000 food lovers, wine connoisseurs, art aficionados and music buffs.

Every year brings hundreds of wineries and restaurants down to New Orleans to celebrate the best indulgences we know and love. Menus feature local flavors as well as new creations inspired by the individual chefs—it’s an art in and of itself. Top chefs from around the city create their best dishes and share their creative talents with guests. Throughout the Experience, over two dozen restaurants feature special dining evenings, featuring over 1,000 wines from around the world.

Experience meals that will inspire your creative side and partake in the best New Orleans Dining Experience that we have to offer.