Driving Fashion to New Levels

Essence Festival Fashions and Raising the Bar

We all know New Orleans is a creative melting pot, it is the city where dreamers and believers and artists come to breakout the newest of their new creations. Fashion is a means of expression down here in the Big Easy; it shows the world who you are and where you’ve come from and how you see yourself. It’s the epitome of self-expression. We are what we wear, after all.

Next weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the New Orleans Essence Festival. Every year, visitors and locals alike strap on their heels, tighten their belts, straighten their bow ties and choose their favorite accessories—all in preparation for Essence. Essence is the highlight of New Orleans glamor and culture—where music, fashion and expression comes together for a singular event. We are all united in couture: crisp, cool and confident.

Where can you get your New Orleans Essence Festival Wardrobe this year?

T. Women’s Apparel

T Womens Apparel

This Uptown New Orleans clothing boutique is located on the one and only Magazine Street; here, you can peruse the meticulously edited collection of women’s clothing, shoes and accessories from lines primarily out of New York, L.A. and Europe.

What makes this store unique?

You find labels at T. Women’s Apparel that you won’t find anywhere else in New Orleans. It’s effortlessly fashionable. It’s a place to create and enhance your personal style and wow all of the attendees of Essence Festival 2014.  They’re open Tuesday – Saturday 10:30am-5:00pm or by appointment.



A New Orleans classic since 1924, Rubenstein’s offers top-quality suits that highlight the classics and leave room for creative spirits.

What makes this store unique?

Their Made-to-Measure service focuses on the creation of customized suits and shirts that fit both your lifestyle and your body to perfection. They have a vast selection of fabrics textures and colors to create your personalized suit. Their hours run Monday – Thursday 10:00am-5:45pm, Friday & Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm and they’re closed on Sundays.

Meyer the Hatter

New Orleans Quality Hats

Meyer The Hatter is the South’s Largest Hat Store and a unique and truly family business. Generations of the Meyer family has capped the finest individuals in New Orleans, continuing to provide the most stylish brands and highest quality hats.

What makes this store unique?

From professionals to celebrities, Meyer promises the highest quality service and hat with brand names like Biltmore, Capas, Stetson, Kangol, Bailey and Selentino. Once you purchase your new hat, simply follow the rules of Hat Care to ensure hat longevity. And be sure to write your name in the hat label, so Meyer can return your hat to you in the case it is lost.

A Limo is Your Best Accessory for the 2014 Essence Festival

As the 20th anniversary of the New Orleans Essence Festival approaches, you will be planning dinners and socials and your outfits for this momentous occasion in New Orleans Fashion. It’s only natural to purchase the best clothes and eat the best foods and spend time with the best people you know. But how will you get there?

New Orleans Special Event Transportation

Accessories are all about the polished image. They tie your outfit together. Consider a limousine as your final accessory for this up-coming Essence Festival and celebrate its 20th anniversary in style. When you’re driven to your event, all you have to do is enjoy the ride and look stunning in the process. Your finest couture and newest accessories will shine brighter when revealed from the passenger section of a limo from Limousine Livery.

What makes us unique?

We work closely and proactively with you to ensure that your clients, guests and visitors arrive and depart from events and venues as easily, rapidly and safely as possible. All traffic, parking problems and security issues are handled by our team of experts, so we can take the stress out of transportation for you. We deliver consistent and personalized trips for you and your family.

Limousine Livery is a one-stop, complete travel and transportation solution provider. Excellence is what our clients expect and deserve. It enables them to effectively manage their time and budget. At Limousine Livery, excellence is achieved by providing you with the optimum level of service each and every time you call or travel with us.