The Transformation of Executive Black Car Services

A History of Excellence: Chauffeurs and Black Car Services


Chauffeurs have a long history of service. We are part of an industry that is solely based on the satisfaction of our clients, where customer service is the defining factor and our skills revolve around an effective drive.

Ever wonder the story behind the driver?

“Chauffeur” comes from the French verb meaning “to heat up.” A chauffeur’s job was to start and maintain the engines of automobiles, which were steam-powered in the beginning and upgraded to gasoline-powered over the years.

The chauffeur’s job was to prime the hot tubes and begin the drive. Also, it was the chauffeur’s job to conduct routine maintenance and cleaning, deal with problems, road bumps and breakdowns. They were often skilled mechanics.

Needless to say, driving required a lot of work in the beginning.

Only the richest could afford a car. They didn’t have to worry about getting their hands dirty, especially when there was a growing industry that was driven to continuously provide excellent service.


The Transformation: Executive Black Car Services

Chauffeurs have come a long way over the years.

To be a quality Black Car Service provider, the standards must be high, because this industry has been around for years. Excellence and attentiveness are the minimum requirements.

The tradition of this service industry still revolves around one phrase after all this time: be driven.

Executives seek the experience of being driven—the luxury of finally being at a level where you have the final word: Stop. Go.

But we cannot forget about the driven chauffeurs.  Drivers now go through a long list of extra training, learning a collection of evasive or defensive driving techniques, proper safety measures when driving in inclement weather, the proper etiquette for customer service, and a slough of knowledge about maintaining their luxury vehicles. This industry has a history of improving the service it provides.

Our Executive Black Car Services involve dedicated drivers focused on quality customer service and moving forward.