Our technology provides information. Information is power.

Today, “Limousine Livery” means much more than just making reservations and meeting flights on-time. Limousine Livery connects people through dynamic new avenues of communication, knowledge sharing and relationship building.

  • Self-Booking Tools – Limousine Livery provides a comprehensive online booking portal, which provides real-time reservations wherever internet access is available.
  • Integrated Risk Management – Inbound flights are monitored 24/7 to deliver on-time service and controlled costs.
  • Reliable, Accurate Data – Information is a critical and strategic tool in the control and management of travel-related expenses.  Real-time online expense data is available to support budget control.
  • Global Network Management - Limousine Livery’s technology ensures our worldwide services are responsive and efficient. Local booking requirements, airport protocol, local market pricing, vehicle availability and instantaneous confirmations are only a keystroke away.