Title: Mechanic

Location: New Orleans

Category: Limousine Livery New Orleans

Position Information

Repair vehicles by repairing any part on the vehicle and follow regular schedule for maintenance on fleet.

Job Functions

  • Test drives vehicles, and test components and systems, using equipment such as infrared engine analyzers, compressions gauges, and computerized diagnostic devices.
  • Examine vehicles to determine extent of damage or malfunctions.
  • Repair, reline, replace and adjust brakes.
  • Follow checklists to ensure all important parts are examined, including belts, hoses, steering systems, spark plugs, brake and fuel systems, wheel bearings, and other potentially troublesome areas.
  • Obtain descriptions of vehicle problems, and to discuss work to be performed and future repair requirements.
  • Perform routine and scheduled maintenance services such as oil changes, lubrications, and tune-ups.
  • Repair and service air conditioning, heating, engine-cooling and electrical systems.
  • Test and adjust repaired systems to meet manufacturers’ performance specifications.
  • Review work orders and discuss work with supervisors.
  • Tear down, repair, and rebuild faulty assemblies such as power systems, steering systems, and linkages.
  • Listens to operators complaints and responds.
  • Maintains vehicle records by recording service and repairs.
  • Contains costs by using warranty; evaluating service and parts options.
  • Keeps supplies ready by inventorying stock, placing orders and verifying receipt.
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading technical publications.
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as required or requested.

Working Conditions

  • Fast paced
  • Exposure to a variety of people and business types
  • Performs work outdoors in warehouse/garage, has an office where all supplies are stored

Tools and Equipment Use

  • Hammers including 3 pound sledge hammers, ball peen hammers, claw hammers, plastic tip hammers
  • Anti-lock braking system ABS/air bag scan tools; auto scanners, graphic scanners, modular diagnostic information systems
  • Pullers such as ball joint separators; bearing pullers; gear puller tools; slide hammers
  • Punches or nail sets or drifts such as center punches, pin punches, Taper punchers
  • Analytical or scientific software such as AutoZone ALLDATA; Blue Streak Electronics Buell Diagnostic; Nexiq Tech HDS Suite for Palm; SPX/OTC Genisys ConnecTech PC
  • Tech manual database software
  • Estimating and record keeping software
  • Accounts receivable software

Position Requirements

Associates degree in automotive preferred but will accept years of experience

Automotive repair experience required

Physical Requirements

  • Arm-hand steadiness
  • Finger dexterity in being able to grasp, manipulate, or assemble very small objects
  • Multi-limb coordination in being able to coordinate two or more limbs while sitting, standing, or lying down
  • See details at close range
  • Ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences
  • Must be able to quickly move your hand, your hand together with your arm, or your two hands to grasp, manipulate or assemble objects
  • Ability to see details at close range
  • Must have trunk strength: the ability to use your abdominal and lower back muscles to support part of the body repeatedly or continuously over time without fatiguing
  • Must be able to imagine how something will look after it is moved around or parts rearranged
  • Bend, stretch, twist, or reach with your body, arms, and/or legs.
  • Hearing to detect or tell the differences between sounds that vary in pitch and loudness
  • Ability to read, count, and write accurately and complete all documentation
  • Ability to work varied hours and days including weekends and holidays
  • Must be able to lift and carry at least 50 pounds