The Right Wedding Transportation

Be Driven to Your Wedding: The Tricks to Wedding Transportation

It’s a big day when it’s your Big Day. A wedding is not just an event, it’s not just a party, it is an experience that will shape your life forever. Some people spend their entire childhoods planning this day, right down to the last napkin. So much care is taken into hiring the best professionals—dressmaker, florist, photographer, caterer, and musicians—and your wedding transportation should not be an exception to this diligence.



There are so many vehicles on the road and each brand presents a different personality than the last. The options are endless and provide an opportunity to truly drive the personality or style you want. Do you like a sporty convertible? Do you want to go back in time with a classic Rolls-Royce? Do you like the timeless wedding experience in an Ultra Stretch Limo?

When it comes to picking out your Wedding Transportation, why limit yourself to one type of vehicle? You will never forget this day, you should be driving around in style. You’ve made hundreds of phone calls, interviewed countless people…it’s about time you let yourself be driven around for once.

Ensuring the Right Wedding Transportation

Who will be our driver?

Luxury Wedding Transportation is not simply about the look and feel of the car, but also and more importantly about the services that the transportation provider offers to you on your special day. Who is a very important question to ask. Get to know the company you are using, get to know their drivers and make sure they are not only a quality company of cars but also a quality company of drivers.

When can we come to see your fleet of vehicles?

Take the time to look through all of your options when it comes to wedding transportation vendors. It’s important to plan out what vehicles will be for which members of your party and what amenities you’d like for the whole experience.

How many years have you been in business?

As always, a company that has been working hard to please the brides and grooms for multiple years has a greater chance to wow you when it comes to your event. Your wedding isn’t just any other day, you need to know that the vendors you’re signing up with are the best in the business and will do their best to take care of you.

The choice of a limousine company should also be made with care.  An experienced, professional company that understands the importance of this occasion will ensure that your day begins and ends perfectly.

New Orleans Wedding Transportation


Five Key Goals to Have While Planning Your Wedding Day

  1. Go all the way.
  2. Keep an open mind.
  3. Save when you can.
  4. Express yourself.
  5. Add variety.

These goals are not an exception when it comes to finding the right ride for you on your special day. Test drive everything from a classic Rolls-Royce to a stretch SUV and even a limo-bus that seats dozens of guests. For the casual beach weddings, a VW Microbus could prove to be an interesting ride to your reception, or for the city weddings a cherry-red Lamborghini or a jet-black Camaro SS will wow the passersby as you ride off into the sunset.

Check out all sorts of colors for your get away car—not everything has to be in pastels and white, you know.

Variety and personality are key factors to a great wedding experience—your day is supposed to be about you.

Limousine Livery as a Top Wedding Transportation Service Provider

It’s important to save money where you can, but it’s even more important to take care of yourself and your love on that very special day. Thankfully, many transportation companies, such as Limousine Livery services that offer more than just the wheels and the ride, because luxury truly is about the service and the experience you gain from that service.

Whether you need superior transportation for business, pleasure, prom or any special event, Limousine Livery will transport you with unrivaled service, comfort and style. We know that your wedding is unique and deserves special attention. With Limousine Livery’s worry-free wedding packages, you’ll have a high-quality service for your special day.