Convenience and Festival Transportation

Driving and Parking in New Orleans at Peak Festival Season

Finding a parking spot in New Orleans depends on two things: preparation and luck. Whether you’re meeting up with friends for a parade Uptown or finding a great place to eat Downtown, it’s all about where you find parking. A lot of people live down here, and even more come to visit, so it’s only natural that New Orleans is filled with parking meters, paid lots and restricted areas to ensure optimal traffic flow.

New Orleans Parking “No-nos”

  • Blocking driveways or fire lanes
  • On sidewalks or neutral grounds
  • Near fire hydrants (within 15 feet)
  • On corners and crosswalks (within 20 feet)
  • In loading and service zones (buses and cab zones too)
  • On a parade route within two hours of a parade
  • During rush hours (7–9 am, 4–6 pm) on major streets
  • On street cleaning days (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 am–Noon)
  • At bagged meters (during special events) and broken meters
  • Near railroad crossings (within 50 feet)
  • On-street for more than 24 consecutive hours
  • Vehicles longer than 22 feet overnight in the Central Business District
  • On a narrow street without allowing 10 feet of unobstructed roadway
  • More than 18 inches from the curb
  • Having 3 or more unpaid parking violations

Some of these rules are obvious, but when it’s peak Mardi Gras season and you need a parking spot now, things get a little desperate. While Mardi Gras 2014 has come to a complete close, it is only the beginning of Festival Season down here. Which is also peak parking season in New Orleans. So, be prepared and know where the best parking is located, or try your luck with parking on the streets. Just be sure to watch the signs!

Festival Transportation as the Answer to Parking Troubles

While every day can be a “bad” parking day in the Big Easy, parking is even worse for New Orleans Festivals.  With the coming of Daylight Savings Time and the warming months of April and May…it’s time to break free from hibernation and have fun in the French Quarter at the French Quarter Festival (April 10–13, 2014) and in City Park at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (April 25–May 4, 2014).

Jazz Fest1


When you’re in New Orleans, it’s time to have a good time. We don’t like our locals and visitors to be cooped up in a traffic jam, looking for a place to park and paying top dollar on top of that. Festival Transportation is one solution that ensures you have a smooth ride to any event of your choice.

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Benefits of Festival Transportation with Limo Livery