New Orleans Outdoor Dining

Taking Fine Dining to the Next Level: Spring and Outdoor Dining in the Big Easy

In New Orleans, the Winter months keep us inside, looking to football games and the company of a stiff drink with a few good friends. But with the coming of Spring, New Orleans breaks out of its shell. It blooms into its true form: the city that breathes. The Big Easy. The warming months bring with them a fresh air that breaks through like sunshine on the Mississippi and all of the locals and visitors begin to move their celebrations outside. New Orleans Outdoor Dining has become a Spring time tradition throughout the city, with restaurants going out of their way to make their patio seating comfortable, home-y and private.

When you’re in town, of course you’ll want to eat at the best “New Orleans” restaurants. But the best thing about the Big Easy, isn’t only about the food but rather the atmosphere in which you enjoy that food. Because New Orleans is known to be a melting pot of culture, there is a large collection of cuisines from which you can choose.

Here are 5 New Orleans Outdoor and Spring Time Restaurants you will want to check out

1. Martinique Bistro

New Orleans Outdoor Restaurant - Martinique Bistro

Martinique Bistro is best known for its brick-enclosed courtyard. Eat under the trees with small fountains and flowers, enjoy your company and the sounds of Uptown.

2. Lilette

Lilette - New Orleans Outdoor Dining

Take a quick lunch in the midst of a day shopping on Magazine Street, enjoy a romantic evening, or begin a family celebration at Lilette. Its quietly elegant dining environment creates memorable experiences for you and those you love.

3. Broussard’s

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 3.03.52 PM

In the heart of Downtown, Broussard’s is called home by three elegant dining rooms which overlook a lush, tropical courtyard. Buy a drink from the bar and begin your night of romance.

4. Feelings Cafe

Feelings Cafe- New Orleans Outdoor Restaurants

This romantic restaurant holds a lot of history. Travel back in time as you liken to the sweet tunes of the piano bar and enjoy the privacy of courtyard dining.

5. Court of the Two Sisters

Court of the Two Sisters - New Orleans Outdoor Dining

The Court of the Two Sisters boasts the largest outdoor dining courtyard in the French Quarter. Enjoy a romantic night out with flowering plants and flowing fountains, and catch a glimpse of the live jazz trio during the daily live Jazz Brunch Buffet.