5 New Orleans Coktail Bars with Stiff Drinks and Cool Vibes

Beat the Heat: Cool Down with Luxury Cocktails and New Orleans Classics

When you need a change of scenery and a change of pace from your office, there is nothing quite like stepping away from your workspace and stepping into a classic New Orleans bar. It’s a chance to loosen your tie, kick back with your colleagues and plan out your projects in a stress-free, creatively charged environment—with a cocktail, or two.

The summer hustle, the high humidity and your nicest suits turn up the heat on a regular basis this time of year. When the temperatures rise, it’s all about cooling down and finding a chance to breathe; luxury means winding down in New Orleans.  To us, these late-summer months say one thing: Where are the coolest cocktail bars in New Orleans?

Whether you’re meeting your colleagues for a post-work drink or unwinding solo after a long day, you’ll always beat the heat at these bars.

5 New Orleans Cocktail Bars with Stiff Drinks and Cool Vibes:

1. The Columns

In the Victorian Lounge of the Columns Hotel on St. Charles, professionals are met with a drink of their choice and a space that feels like home—plush seats and warm lighting compliment a refreshing mint julep and the warm breeze that seems to linger during these last summer months in New Orleans. Sit outside on the porch and talk business or ambitions under large oak trees, surrounded by the brilliant minds you know and have yet to meet.

How do you cool down at The Columns?

Best New Orleans Cocktails

The Mint Julep

2. Polo Club Lounge at Windsor Court

In the Warehouse District, you’ll find Windsor Court. A Luxury hotel that takes all the stops for their clients. Elegance is the keyword. When it comes to Windsor Court, luxury is everywhere and it doesn’t skip the Polo Club Lounge. For the professionals of New Orleans, this is a great martini, wine, and cigar bar…where music is always on the menu.

How do you cool down at the Polo Club Lounge?

New Orleans Cocktail Bars

WhistlePig Sazerac

3. Old Absinthe House

The Old Absinthe House has been a high quality New Orleans establishment for around 200 years. This place has created the highest quality cocktails and Absinthe concoctions time and again. Enjoy your brainstorming, meeting or simple break from the working world while sharing a cocktail in the same place as Mark Twain and Frank Sinatra have done.

How do you cool down at the Old Absinthe House?

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The Absinthe House Frappe

4. The Bombay Club

With over 100 types of martinis such as The Breathless or Violet Fields and a collection of creative twists on classic drinks such as the Pimm’s Cup, this bar is a relaxing escape from your workweek as well as offering a great space to cultivate creative thoughts. Take a few sips of their creative cocktails and see why New Orleans is well known for being a creative hub in the US.

How do you cool down at the Bombay Club?

Best New Orleans Cocktail Bars

Ginger Pimm’s Cup

5. Arnaud’s French 75

When your colleagues wish to dine with the best and drink with the best, there is no other place than Arnaud’s French 75. Near the classic New Orleans restaurant, the French 75 is a great space to celebrate something big. This classic bar compliments your taste in food, highlights your know-how for spirits and enhances every accomplishment you’ve made as a company. Choose your favorites or try something new, this bar will not disappoint.

How do you cool down at the French 75?

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French 75