Your Ride Says A Lot About You

Three Levels of Executive Car Brands: Drive Your Own Way

Choosing your vehicle is about more than just the way it looks. Cars tell us a lot about the type of person you are: the way you communicate, your level of patience, your attention to detail, your love of pizzazz and even your views on life and how we live it. While the world is filled with stereotypes about the cars we drive (the big, clunky trucks, the small VW Beetles, the sleek sports cars and the Soccer-Mom mini vans), there is some truth to the appearance to your vehicle and the life you lead.

What’s the most important thing to remember, when choosing your next ride?

You choose the car. You are in control of the images you present to the world. You have the choice.

Something About the Name: Being Driven by Your Brand

Mini Cooper: The Enthusiast


When you have the Mini mindset, you’re loving the drive: the rides you take every day and the long ride that’s gotten you to this point. Cars are not toys to you. This car is your key to escape the world and just create the road yourself. It’s a creative car with a clear mind and wonderful gas mileage. You never have to stop, it says. You can go wherever you want. You can be whoever you strive to be. Open the next chapter of your life, open the top of your Mini and blaze a trail that’s all your own.

Cadillac: The Determined


Here, we have the executive branch of auto brands: it’s balanced, sturdy and sleek. Most of the time, we see high-end business leaders conducting their daily business, driving about the city in a black Cadillac. Why? Because black makes the car stand out less. The lines are still pristine and the shine is impeccable, but the highlight is the driver or the person who is being driven: you. This is the every-day car for the rich and powerful. It’s the working car that’s been promoted: sharp lines of the frame moving into the slight curves of the lights, always looking forward.

Mercedes: The Master


When you own a Mercedes, traveling has become a luxurious pastime. You have time to relax, breathe and go as you please. Owning a luxury car is at the top of everyone’s wishlist and these cars are no exception. This emblem is a medal of honor: the modest touch of success that resonates to the rest of the world that you are, indeed, a winner. Not only have you worked hard to get to this point in your life, but you’ve been here a while. You have a few years of great and wonderful luxury cars, but your favorite is a sleek, silver Mercedes that reflects the sunset just perfectly as you drive on towards your next tomorrow.