Green is the New Gold

Gold is hard to find. And so is quality service.

When it comes to getting from point A to point B, the ride is what matters most—the process.

Limo Livery has made green the new gold, because we see success as a means and not an end point. Success is a fuel, a driving force, and it moves us to pay the good feelings forward and provide the highest level of luxury transportation.

green tie2

New Orleans Luxury Transportation with Golden Service

Being a professional is about having confidence in both yourself and your ability to get the job done. There is a sense reliability, honesty and loyalty when you find a truly professional company—when your expectations are exceeded by reality. Finding luxury transportation services that make breathing easier and more enjoyable, are the services we provide.

When you see a green tie, greeting you with a smile, taking you to your destination on time, and opening the door for you, you know you are cared for. Limousine Livery is about helping you remain at the top of your game: giving you options in vehicles and services. The goal is to not only get you where you want to be, but where you deserve to be.

What a Green Tie Means

Limousine Livery is committed to professionalism.

Service is a golden opportunity. We wear our ties with pride, but the positive attitude we wear every day is far more important. Executive service begins with the desire to improve at every given opportunity.

With us, green is a symbol of golden service: what we strive for.

How We Go for the Green:
  1. Dress for the success we want for our clients and ourselves
  2. Remain punctual and courteous
  3. Give clear, honest answers and suggestions
  4. Look for solutions to possible “road bumps”
  5. Be willing to learn at all times