Mardi Gras Parades and Families

shutterstock_390767Mardi Gras parades can be enjoyable for the whole family, and not just the adults. If you are looking for a family friendly spot to go keep the area of St. Charles Avenue in mind. There are many picnic and barbque areas along the parade route there. Keep the following tips in mind to make your family friendly visit fun and unstressful:

  • Parking is not always readily available near the parade route area. There will be a certain amount of walking involved, and with children always a lot of “stuff”. Be prepared with easy to carry backpacks, or even a wagon to pull that can make the transport of these items easy.
  • There is such a multitude of people around it is easy to get separated. Make sure your children have ID information with them at all times. Make your children aware of local area authorities to look for, such as police officers, in case you get separated.
  • A fun part of the parade for children is the “stuff” that they end up getting as its thrown off the parade floats. It can be expected to have a few stuffed animals or the like thrown your way, so make sure to have a bag ready to collect the spoils for easy transport.
  • Children are notorious for needing that emergency potty break. Many businesses along the parade route reserve bathroom usage for patrons only. If you know you will be in an area for an extended period of time some restaurants have tickets you can purchase that allow you access to special food and bathroom facilities.
  • Pack easy to carry snacks and drinks to minimize cost. Anyone who has children knows that a snack can be an instant mood shifter, especially as the day draws on.

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