About Serving Guests Liquor at Corporate Events

Planning an event that includes alcohol is more challenging than one with non-alcoholic beverages.

Be aware of your liability at corporate parties where you serve your guests alcohol. You don’t want to get into trouble. Problems can be avoided by not serving alcohol in the first place, or by considering the following:

  • Be sure that you’re not serving anyone lower than the legal drinking age in your state
  • Have your bartenders trained in the TIPS protocol (Training for Intervention Procedures)
  • Have a game plan for more-than-social drinkers, and make sure everyone knows the plan
  • Do your research to see if there have been past drinking problems at the events you plan
  • Be sure that your servers and bartenders know that they are allowed to refuse to serve drinks to anyone who looks like they have already had too much
  • Have your staff walk around in small teams to check on people who may be drinking a bit too much
  • Provide transportation to and from the event for those who know they are going to be drinking alcoholic beverages

Avoid the liability of having your event guests injuring someone while driving under the influence of excess alcohol. Give us a call at Limousine Livery and we’d be happy to discuss your transportation options with you. Whether its our limousine services, our luxury sedans, or our mini buses, we are driven to provide you with a sense of relief. Don’t let the party get too out of hand, be proactive and let us take the wheel.