Hungry in New Orleans? Visit the Southern Food and Beverage Museum

shutterstock_65193364You can’t go to New Orleans and not get drawn in by the flavors that surround you. Don’t know where to start?

Let us tell you more about the Southern Food and Beverage Museum.  Saveur Magazine named them one of the five great museums devoted to food in May of 2011! It is a “nonprofit living history organization dedicated to the discovery, understanding and celebration of the food, drink and the related culture of the South” according to their website, and boy do they live up to their mission.

There are number of visiting and permanent exhibits. There are several exhibits opening that you don’t want to miss. “IlluminEATing” is a photography exhibition by Meredith Beau that gives us a peek behind the closed doors of people’s refrigerators, providing a window into the structure, economics, ethnicity and health of the family. “Lena Richard: Pioneer in Food TV” is an exhibit curated by Ashley Young, PhD candidate in the Department of History at Duke University. Richard is best known for her cookbook New Orleans Cook Book published by Houghton Mifflin in 1940, and her twice-weekly cooking show on WDSU-TV in 1949-1950 called “Lena Richard’s New Orleans Cook Book.” Both open on March 10, 2012 at 4 PM and is free and open to the public.

Another exciting permanent exhibit opening on Sunday, March 25 at 2 PM (free and open to the public) is the “Then and Now:  The Story of Coffee in Brazil and New Orleans:  18th Century – Present” exhibit. Were you aware that New Orleans is a major coffee port in the US and the largest consumer of coffee per capita?  If your there for the opening there will be samples, so come on down!  Some of the other permanent exhibits include “Louisiana Eats! Laissez Faire – Savoir Fare”, “Tout de Sweet: All About Sugar”, “A Table at Galatoire’s” and “Acadian to Cajun: From Migration to Commercialization” to name a few.

If you can’t get to the museum itself there are a number of “on-line” exhibits as well. These include “Southern Beers”, “Treme’s Cooking” and “Restaurant Restorative.” According to their website “New Orleans is home to some of the oldest restaurants in the United States, several of which are run by descendants of the original owners, now serving the descendants of the original patrons.” No wonder the food is so delectable!

If you’re not hungry enough yet visit for some great recipes on Jambalaya, Grits and Baby Cabbage Salad.

To see more information about this delicious location visit and get started on your southern food experience today!

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