Frequent Flier Tips for Maximum Comfort

shutterstock_11928496If you have been a frequent flier over the years you are a pioneer of change. Air travel has undergone many drastic changes in the past few years, more then we have seen before. On the better side of change you may be thinking of  the ease of self-check in and a seat-back video screen so you can watch that much awaited inflight movie. On the annoying side of change you may be thinking of the long security lines and lack of meals. In order to have a stress free flying experience it is important to keep some of the following factors in mind.

Try to Leave Early: Yes it is important to get to the airport 2 hours earlier for a flight, but we’re talking about leaving a day early if your travel encompasses a special celebration or other important function. In case there are delays you are covered, and have time to defrag as well.

Pick the Right Time to Fly: Early morning flights are the best way to go, just make sure to have that extra cup of Joe to get you on your way. We are always warned about this around holiday time, but as it fades away remember the same applies. One delayed flight has a ripple effect, and your better off avoiding the ripple all together.

Meal Options: If you are on a long flight a meal is part of the trip. If you’re a vegetarian, or require special diets, you should discuss this with your booking agent so that the airline can make the adjustments as needed. There is usually a choice of menus. Planning this ahead of time could save you a grumbly stomach and crankiness if not planned ahead.

Dress Comfortably: Getting through security is the first challenge on your journey so be prepared ahead of time when you are making your wardrobe choice. Wear something that is comfortable to travel in as well. If you are on a long flight temperatures may vary. Layering is a good thing to keep in mind.

Distinguishable Luggage: This is extremely important if you have luggage that will be part of the pile for pick up at baggage claim once you reach your destination. How many black suitcases are there that look exactly like yours? The answer is “to many to count”. There are number of ways to mark your luggage for easy visual identification. A special tag, sticker, or perhaps a sewn in patch. Whatever it be, the time spent looking will significantly decrease.