The Flavors of New Orleans…Literally

As Regis Philbin once said, “You get a taste here in New Orleans that you don’t get anywhere else in the country.” If you have already visited New Orleans or had the pleasure of living there food is a plenty and very diverse offerings surround you. It is the “traditional” food of New Orleans that you need to know about next time you catch a ride and ask our chauffeur to take you to the best restaurant for…

It is a dish that boasts flavor and uniqueness. It’s most basic form of description is stew over rice, but does not do it justice. The stew can include chicken, seafood, ham or any other combination your heart desires.

A traditional rice dish that can include chicken, sausage, seafood, or any mixture of the three. When made correctly it has a distinct flavor.  If you are visiting a large gathering no buffet would be complete with Jambalaya present!

The Italian influence is abound in New Orleans.  A Muffuletta is a massive Italian cold-cut sandwich like none you’ve ever seen. The sandwich is served on an entire round loaf of Italian bread (about 10 inches across) and then piled high with Provolone cheese, Genoa salami and Cappicola ham, and then topped with olive salad – chopped, green un-stuffed olives, pimientos, celery, garlic, cocktail onions, capers, oregano, parsley, olive oil, red-wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

The result of the French influence. It is dough fried, then covered with mounds of powdered sugar. Beignets are made from yeast dough and do not have a hole in them. They are best served hot, with a companion of café au lait or chocolate milk.

Fried Alligator
Alligator is served a number of ways and is can be a little more salty and chewy then chicken. It is definitely different than other fried foods you’ve probably eaten and enjoyed.

As Thanksgiving approaches so does the number of Turducken dishes available. According to Spencer Spellman “It is a hodgepodge of turkey, duck, and chicken. From the outside, it has the appearances of a chicken, but once you cut inside you’ll notice the different layers of turkey, duck, and chicken.”

Now that we got you hungry….call up for a ride to some of the best restaurants in town and let your tastebuds get satisfied.