The Time of Giving – New Orleans Style

shutterstock_90236074This time of year is not only a time for family and friends, but it is a time to remember those who are in need. Everyone has a different level of giving that can be done. Make a challenge to yourself this year and keep some of these local charities in mind so that we can help revitalize our community going into 2012.

Shared Housing of New Orleans

They help elderly and disabled individuals stay out of nursing homes in New Orleans with the Shared Housing of New Orleans program. It is a preventative program that allows elderly and/or disabled individuals to remain in their homes who would like to, and who do not need to be in nursing homes. They do this by matching a Homeowner with a Homeseeker. The Homeseeker provides light housekeeping and companionship. The Homeowner, in return, provides room and board. We take self-referrals or referrals from others.

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