Great Smart Phone Apps for the Business Traveler

Business travel can be frustrating. Lost luggage, missed flights, bad food, and of course snow storms can cause business travelers lots of heartburn and lost sleep.

However, some creative programmers have come up with a number of smart phone apps to help make business travel a better, if not totally pleasant, experience. iPhone users check out:

  • “Trip It” which lets travelers keep track of all their travel plans in one easy place. With the touch of a finger, you can view airline, hotel and car reservations in one place. (App cost: free.)
  • Missed a flight and want something other than McDonalds for lunch? “I Fly Pro” includes comprehensive terminal maps and service listings for more than 600 airports worldwide. (App cost: $6.99).
  • For business travelers room service can get repetitive, especially if they are staying in the same hotel chain all the time. “Zagat to Go can help them find a great restaurant nearby. And, with Google Maps embedded in it, figure out how to get there fast. (App cost: $9.99).


  • “Post Card” is a fun app that lets users convert their iPhone pictures into email postcards. For business travelers with small kids at home, this is fun way to stay in touch with the family at home. (App cost: free.)

Handy business travel apps for Droid phones include:

  • No more lost receipts! “ProOnGo” lets the business traveler take pictures of their receipts on the go, and download them into several expense report formats. (App cost: free.)


  • “TaxiMagic” lets travelers book a cab from the touch of a button on their phone and even pay the cab fare automatically with a credit card on file. The integrated cab service is available in most US cities. (App cost: free.)


  • Missed a flight? “Hotels Near Me” uses GPS technology to find the nearest hotel. With over 70,000 hotels in 71 countries listed, hopefully sleeping at the airport won’t happen. (App cost: free.)

Traveling with a Blackberry?

  • Once the battery has died on the laptop, and the in flight magazine has been read– twice from cover to cover – open the “Kindle” app on a Blackberry. Not only can users read books on their phone, but they can purchase them from too, without having to buy a Kindle. (App cost: free.)
  • Save money when traveling by using “TeleNav” as opposed to renting a car with a GPS finder in it. This app provides turn by turn directions, including spoken instructions. (App cost / service: $9.99 a month.)