Unique Ideas for Corporate Meetings

Limo Livery has served as the ground transportation provider for many corporate meetings, and we have observed how some meeting venues seem to spark a more positive attitude in their participants than others. We want our clientele to make the most of the many opportunities that business meetings provide for networking, brainstorming and team building. To encourage our customers to try such strategies, we have compiled a summary of corporate meeting styles and suggestions to help make your next meeting—whether large or small—a smashing success.

Improvisational Programs

To give your corporate meeting a fresh perspective, hire an improvisational group to create a fun, comedic atmosphere that focuses on topics like leadership techniques, staff management and solid team building. Professional theater groups offer facilities for corporate meetings where the cast participates in the banter to add a sense of humor—and a fresh perspective—to everyday issues that your team routinely encounters.

Improvisational groups can also help devise outings for your research team so they can examine consumer reactions to various situations. Set up your meeting in a sidewalk cafe and study how the improvisational group is able to influence total strangers to follow their suggestions and offer their opinions on the target subjects. This can be a very effective exercise in understanding what motivates buyers and what repels them.

Scavenger Hunts

A corporate meeting can be designed to function like an old- fashioned scavenger hunt, where solving the clues requires shared strategies and cooperation to reach a common goal. Such meetings are ideal for building trust with new—or potential—clients, and can also be a constructive tool for introducing a new management style.

The playful atmosphere that such venues enhance give participants a chance to get acquainted and learn how much they have in common, a good foundation for launching team projects. Professional groups with experience shaping corporate meeting events like Scaventure have scavenger huts specifically designed to promote effective meetings.

Media Presentations

Light and sound shows are not limited to concerts these days, and production companies like Fourth Dimension can create spectacular effects to complement your meeting or convention’s theme. Professional engineers who know all the tricks of the trade can help plan impressive productions for corporate meetings that engages audiences and creates a vibrant, exciting atmosphere.

Don’t limit your employment of these technicians to staged events, their talents can be put to use lighting product displays, meeting rooms and information booths. Sound designers can craft a soothing audio environment for a public meeting space that contains white noise generators to assure your conversations are not overheard.