Autumn Driving Tips (from the best drivers in the world)

Here at Limo Livery, we retain the best, most safest drivers in the world. Here they share their top tips on how to drive safe this fall, while still enjoying the best of our New Orleans flavors.

Autumn in New Orleans is a beautiful sight. There are an abundance of colors, fall festivals and free events in the area to keep you outdoors. Part of “getting there” means having to “drive there” a good portion of the time. Having a company of seasoned drivers that know the area and are well honed drivers, there are some precautions we ask you to be aware of if you are taking a drive yourself out amongst the falling leaves.  Of course, should you prefer to have one of our excellent drivers escort you, feel free to give us a call!

Stay Focused on the Road

The world is your distraction if you are in the drivers seat. This time of year brings with it an influx of new visuals to keep you otherwise engaged from your task at hand. Be it the color changing leaves, decorations or events that you pass by…do your best to pay attention to the road. Many accidents are caused by distracted drivers and could be easily avoided.

Be Careful of Wet Slippery Leaves

That scenic ride through the park is one you should take by all means, but be aware of the road conditions you are driving on. Wet leaves can be as slippery as driving on ice.

Be Cautious of the Fog

The weather this time of year lends itself to being very foggy at certain times of the day. Keeping you headlights on a low beam will make it easier to navigate through.

Always Keep a Safety Kit in Your Car

Always be prepared for the inevitable to happen. A safety kit left in the car should include: a flashlight, flares and a first-aid kit, jumper cables, extra washer fluid, nonperishable food, a jug of water, and a few basic tools such as wrenches, a ratchet/socket set, screwdrivers, and pliers.

Animals in the Road

Now is a time for bulking up and storing for many of our wild  friends. They don’t abide by traffic lights but we do. Take your time and keep a safe distance between cars lest one of these furry (or slimey) friends decide to cross your path unexpectedly.

Be Mindful of Pedestrian Traffic

Not only is school now in session, but Halloween is almost upon us. New Orleans is the place to be for many revelers. Mind your speed limits and be aware of the pedestrian traffic around you at all times.

We hope you enjoy your Autumn and wish you a safe driving season.