Green Weddings

People generally spend more time planning their wedding days than any other day. Some girls even start “planning” their weddings from their elementary school days, gathering magazine clippings, photographs, and other items to keep in wedding scrapbooks in preparation for their big day. Although weddings tend to be a time to pour out on the couple and the guests – through elaborate ceremonies, spectacular cakes, stunning flowers, delectable food, and piles of presents – in our increasingly environmentally conscious world, couples are beginning to consider more conservative and earth friendly approaches to their weddings., a Web site devoted to helping people achieve their goal of having environmentally responsible weddings, points out that your wedding day is “your day to show the ones you love your passion for the environment,” and lists the following tips on its home page:

  • Minimize the amount of driving your guests will need to do.
  • Donate leftover food rather than throwing it out.
  • Don’t register for things you don’t need: give your guests the option of giving donations in your name instead.

While the second two points will need to be taken care of by other experts, Limo Livery is here to help with the first item – minimizing the amount of driving your guests will need to do. Our wedding package provides the bride and groom with unparalleled, worry-free, professional service that will uplift the transportation needs of the couple into part of their magical day.

But don’t stop with limousine services for the bridal party and family alone. Using Limo Livery to transport guests from one wedding venue, such as a church, to another, such as a restaurant, not only provides an extra air of festivity for guests, but also drastically cuts down on the amount of cars on the road, and their emissions. Choose from our exceptional fleet of town cars, limos, vans, and buses to shuttle guests in comfort and style, all along knowing that you are doing your part to preserve the planet.

And that’s not all. Using Limo Livery in itself is an investment in environmental sustainability. As members of the Limousine Environmental Action Partnership, or LEAP, we have a demonstrated an acted-upon commitment to green business practices which ensure you of a greener ride, every time.