Keeping Children Safe During Prom Season

Though prom season doesn’t officially begin until spring time, it’s never too early to consider how you will keep your children safe during this special, yet potentially dangerous – even deadly – time.

Disturbing as it is to consider, car accidents resulting in teenage deaths are highest during prom season, according to a Seattle car accident lawyer blog. In 2005, 6,100 teens were killed in car accidents; of these, one third involved alcohol.

We all know the dire consequences of drinking and driving, and it can never be overstated not to do it!! But teenagers and alcohol are an especially bad mix for a few reasons: alcohol is teenagers’ drug of choice, teens especially tend to over-drink because of the fact that alcohol is not usually readily available to them, teens’ judgment is often severely impaired due not only to inebriation but also to peer pressure and youth’s sense of invincibility. What’s particularly frightening is that the more a teenager drinks, the more he loses his inhibition – and the more likely he is to drive a car under the influence.

No matter how much it’s instilled into them not to, some teens are going to drink on their prom night. In fact, Alcohol Awareness Month is held in April because spring is prom season. In the 2005 prom season alone, 676 children under the age of 21 were killed in alcohol-related traffic accidents during prom and graduation season (April, May, and June). The problem is so widespread that some schools have even instituted the use of breathalyzers to test blood alcohol content at the door, turning away those who have been drinking.

One thing that parents can do to augment the safety advice they’ve been pouring into their children is to make certain that they will not be in a situation in which they drink and drive or, equally dangerous, in which they ride in the car of someone who is under the influence. Using our chauffeured services to provide transportation for your children and their friends not only keeps them safe, but also lends an even more “magical” aspect to this momentous occasion in their young lives; it’s a safety precaution they are sure not to roll their eyes at and will even thank you for.

Decide now not to worry about what car your child is in on prom night. Choose a limousine from our distinctive fleet of vehicles and allow our staff to safely transport your teen and his or her friends to dinner, the prom itself, and after-prom activities. Encouraging other parents to do the same could very likely save some precious lives this prom season.

For more information on underage drinking, visit the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Web site.