Mardi Gras for Visitors

There’s no question that New Orleans knows how to party, and everyone knows that its year-round revelry climaxes in the biggest party of the year – Mardi Gras. Whether your favorite part of all the merrymaking is watching the extravagant parades and catching beads, donning costumes that rival Halloween’s, or simply delighting in a piece of King’s Cake before chasing it with a hurricane, celebrate this year by traveling in style. Mardi Gras is the time for indulgence – in fun, food, and festivities, and there’s no better or safer way to enjoy the celebration than with Limo Livery.

Historically, Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, was the last day for indulgence before the giving up a pleasure for the forty days of Lent. The custom, originally a sedate French Catholic tradition, debuted in North America when the Le Moyne brothers were sent by King Louis XIV of France to defend Louisiane. In 1723, the tradition became rooted in the Big Easy, and les bon temps have rolled since, anything but sedate. The vibrant carousing is perhaps New Orleans’s most famous and popular event.

Packed with fantastical parades put on by krewes, resplendent masquerade balls, rousing music, unrestrained dancing, and the Bayou’s finest cuisine, Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a feast for the entire soul. Inhabitants and tourists who make the most of their “week of indulgence” won’t want to waste time sleeping – or driving!

Whether you are a visitor getting picked up from the airport to stay at your hotel in the French Quarter, or a local who doesn’t want to be the designated driver watching all your friends having fun, allow Limo Livery to help you get the party started. With our fleet of cars, SUVs, vans, buses, and specialty vehicles, we’ll make sure you get from one party to the next comfortably and safely and without wasting time getting lost or looking for parking. Make travel time party time!

If it’s your first time in our wonderful city, check out our tours, which take you on a marvelous journey through New Orleans’s rich history, music, culture, food, architecture, and sights. Explore Mardi Gras with our exclusive packages, perfect for any and all. And best of all, ride guilt-free, knowing that not only are you being a responsible party go-er, but you are also being a responsible citizen of Mother Earth by supporting a ground-transportation company dedicated to environmental sustainability.