A Green Christmas

As with most things, Christmas has two sides: the open, warm, giving side, and the massive scramble of consumption – both literally and figuratively. But as the lines get longer and the last-minute shopping reaches a feverish pitch, through it all, we catch glimpses of the kindness, love, and generosity that make the season so dear to all our hearts: the little boy dropping coins in the Salvation Army’s red bucket, the reunion of family members separated by thousands of miles, the toys collected for those less fortunate, and the unity displayed by the voices of strangers joined in familiar songs.

With the way Americans’ financial lives have been touched these last few years, more and more of us seem to see beyond the haze of giving and getting to touch the heart of what’s most important – the people and places that make us feel loved, feel special, and feel at home.

And this awareness extends to our planet as well. Increasingly, a green mindset and culture is spreading into our everyday – and our yearly – routines, activities, and traditions. Discussions of what types of Christmas trees are most green and tutorials for handmade gifts using recycled materials are rampant on the Internet, testifying to the extent that Americans are becoming committed to a more environmentally responsible lifestyle.

We at Limo Livery are proud to have joined the ranks of the earth friendly, especially during this festive time of year. As we pick up beloved family members from the airport and take them to their waiting relatives in comfort and relaxation or as we bring a group of old friends around town for a night of wining and dining, we’re proud to know that our impact on the environment is being balanced by carbon offsetting, greenhouse gas reduction strategies, and our growing hybrid fleet.

At every level, we aim to minimize our impact on the environment by implementing the most up-to-date environmental strategies in both our business model and our services. Ultimately, this reflects not only our concern for the planet we inhabit, bur also our commitment to honoring our customers’ desire to live environmentally responsible lives.
This Christmas, take care of Mother Earth, the home of us all, by patronizing companies and organizations that do the same. Merry Christmas from all of us here at Limo Livery. We look forward to another year of serving you.